• Apr. 24 2020
  • Letswalo Marobane

Ward 73 councillor on the ground daily supporting constituents

The importance of ward councillors is consistently overlooked. We blame them for the poor delivery of services but fail to praise when they do good. This week I was fortunate enough to interview Ward 73 DA councillor, Eleonor Hugget, who has thrown her energy into supporting needy families and individuals in her ward.

  • May. 16 2017
  • Talitha Hlaka

Keep calm and love South Africa

Apologies for the delay in getting this blog written. I had promised myself that my next blog – this one – would be upbeat and positive. And it took me this long to reach this positive outlook. With thanks to my MD and friend, Janice Scheckter, who said, ’the beginning of the end has begun’. And she is right. Even if the end only comes in 2019, the end is in sight.