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  • Unit 5 002A Braamfontein Centre, 23 Jorissen Street
  • Johannesburg, Gauteng
  • 2001
  • 27 11 067 0312


Contact // +27 11 067 0321
ServicesDisaster, Emergency, Networking, Info Sharing
ProductsNetwork, Information, Jobs, Database, Experts
No. of Employees6
Key PeopleDisaster Mgt practitioners, students, businesses, governments, INGOs, donors, communities
Area(s) ServedAfrican Continent
Hours of operationWe are normally open from 08h00 - 17h00 South African time, but contribution is 24/7, as emergencies are emergencies and we want to get what happens on the continent in real time.

Organization Overview

DIMA Connect is a 'one stop shop on disaster reduction and emergency management in Africa. It provides a platform for information-sharing, skills market, skills exchange, events happening in different parts of the continent and the world, training, interaction and best practices from an African perspective. It is a platform from which Africans in the field can discuss ideas, share experiences and find opportunities. Its main goal is to connect Africans to each other and create a space for regular interaction on various topics related to disaster prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. Disaster in this case is not limited to natural disasters but also to emergency relief operations of all kinds.

DIMA Connect will be a repository on everything disaster -related for the purposes of knowledge management on the African continent with a cartographic representation for each and every country. This can be shared or even donated if and when necessary. Members would have exclusive advantages in accessing some of this information. It shall connect to other sites with similar goals to ensure that as a continent we are part of the world wide disaster management web.

DIMA Connect also serves as the platform for real time information on events on the continent, warning on impending risks and hazards, follow up on actions and responses undertaken in various countries, etc. This is done through regular updates, weekly, monthly and quarterly. We encourage members to write academic papers and we will ensure that they are published. Members have exclusive benefits depending on their category of membership. We shall also share information on job opportunities, consultancies, etc.

Background & History

In 2014 the SADC Unit for Disaster Management was looking to recruit Disaster Management Practitioners for an EU funded project. At the end of the recruitment process was not able to find enough candidates for the assignment. Was this because there is a lack of professionals in the SADC Region? The answer is NO! There is simply no platform that unite disaster management practitioners on the continent. No one entity seems to have a comprehensive database of African professionals in the area.

In November 2014, the UN System in the Central African Republic held a meeting with the Department of Civil Protection in Bangui. It was clear from the meeting that the department did not have the requisite training or material to play its role of managing disasters. Its capacity could only respond to potential disasters in certain parts of Bangui and there was no infrastructure at provincial level. Yet there are experts who have been trained in neighbouring countries whose skills and experiences could be put to use in CAR. The problem is that there is no database of this expertise.

The idea to set up DIMA Connect was therefore born out of the need to connect need with expertise in a continent where unemployment is on the rise. Sometimes all that is lacking is information. DIMA Connect is a platform set up for disaster and emergency management practitioners across the African continent. The idea of the platform originated from the position that even though Africans are involved in disaster management at different levels and with different organisations across they world, there is no structural/strategic platform for growth, for sharing, for showcasing of experience, best practices and for publication of these experiences.

In some countries, people involved in Disaster Management are not even aware that their own skills are marketable.Yet when disaster strikes, experts are brought in from every other part of the world to come assist.

Very few Africans are writing or publishing on Disaster Reduction as an area of intervention. Is it because they have nothing to write about or because they do not have platforms from which to publish?

DIMA Connect therefore is a platform that seeks to connect disaster reduction practitioners all over the continent and to begin discussions on how best to promote growth and share experiences. It also serves as platform for real-time information on what is happening on the continent, where there are opportunities as well as challenges.

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Management Team

DIMA Connect is a brainchild of the Gravitazz Institute for Disaster Reduction and Emergency Management (GIDREM) and Indigo New Media with dedicated staff to manage the platform. However it management is open to members from all over the continent. The goal is to have at least one focal point per country.

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Philosophy & Culture

The philosophy and culture of DIMA Connect is to provide a platform for self-help and self-sustainability of Disaster practitioners on the African Continent.


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