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We’d love to see more sharable neighbourhoods. Life’s hectic pace along with the way we live in many areas of Joburg, doesn’t make for very neighbourly neighbourhoods. The concept of connecting to those who live nearby is forgotten, but as a global trend it’s coming back. Why we love the idea of connected neighbours is to create suburbs that are safer, for residents, pedestrians, exercise fanatics and visitors, a well as suburbs that have good community policing forums. What about cleanliness and recycling in suburbs and collaboration around a whole host of things that matter to the suburb in question?

Our ‘neighbourhood’ team will work with your neighbourhood representative to get the community started. Neighbourhoods will have the opportunity to purchase a mobile app which links the community to the police, the security companies, and other groups that the neighbourhood see as important to their objectives.


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In Johannesburg, we have a vibrant city where a multitude of Cultures collide and where locals and visitors can select from wonderful experiences, some with rich histories. In Johannesburg, we have a vibrant city where annual events see thousands gather and celebrate together. It is a city where creativity thrives, but also a city in much need of repair. This platform creates a place for citizens and business collaboration. For more information contact us here

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Joburg City Network uses a social networking platform to bring information and social networking features to the community. You can sign-up, join groups, subscribe to information, and make friends. Once you sign in you can check your activity stream to see what is happening across the site and contribute your thoughts and experiences.

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