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  • 10th Floor, 25 Owl Street, Milpark, Johannesburg
  • Johannesburg, Gauteng
  • 2092
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Our group's plans for the next few weeks

1. Take videos of dangerous intersections in an endeavour to get traffic police to do something

2. Start capturing where vulnerable citizens like schools kids cannot even cross the road!

What can you do to help?

Recent Activity

May 15

Talitha Hlaka @Walk Safe Jozi: Traffic lights are increasingly becoming a problem in Johannesburg CBD. As someone who depend on glasses to see the road clearly, i cannot afford to drive at night in Johannesburg when traffic lights are not working.

3 years ago

April 12

Thoko Malinga @Walk Safe Jozi posted a photo: Annet Road & Kingsway Road (Milpark)

3 years ago • 1 comment

Talitha Hlaka photo

Talitha Hlaka @Walk Safe Jozi in reply to Thoko Malinga: Someone might actually fall in there when dark

3 years ago

April 07

April 03

Mongezi Sobende @Walk Safe Jozi posted the photos: One of many potholes on Xhosa street.jpeg, Vlakfontein road on a rainy day.jpeg, Xhosa street undergoing a pothole fix.jpeg (Tsakane & Vlakfontein 13/14 March 2017)

3 years ago • 2 comments

Janice Scheckter photo

Janice Scheckter @Walk Safe Jozi in reply to Mongezi Sobende: Hey Mo - welcome to Walk Safe and thanks for sharing some road issues.

3 years ago

Siyanda Edwana photo

Siyanda Edwana @Walk Safe Jozi in reply to Mongezi Sobende: I can't believe that the potholes here have gotten so bad that people don't drive on the roads anymore and resort to the sidewalk. This puts pedestrians in harms way

3 years ago

March 30

March 27

Janice Scheckter @Walk Safe Jozi contributed to the wiki Profile Spotlight

3 years ago

March 20

Talitha Hlaka @Walk Safe Jozi posted a photo: corner monument and kerk(2) (Kempton park)

3 years ago

Talitha Hlaka @Walk Safe Jozi posted a photo: corner monument and kerk (Kempton park)

3 years ago

March 06

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Walk Safe Jozi is a group where everyone in the city can add content, collaborate and contribute ideas to a safer city for pedestrians.

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