• May. 14 2018
  • Ayanda Khuzwayo

Herman Mashaba highlights Joburg's achievements during his state of the nation Address

Johannesburg Executive mayor Herman Mashaba  announced on Thursday that a Job seeker's database set to replace Jozi@work would be launched. 

"Our new opportunity centre will house the City's soon-to-be-launched work seeekers' database, which will effectiely replace Jozi@work and do away with middlemen determining access to those opportunities," said Mashaba. 

  • Jul. 19 2017
  • Talitha Hlaka

Mandela Day

The Indigo New Media team took off to spend their Mandela day with Nazareth House in Yeoville this past Tuesday. The plan was to spend 67 minutes with the old age home and hospice; 67 minutes that turned into hours. The pleasure and absolute joy in giving back :)

  • Jun. 9 2017
  • Talitha Hlaka

Johannesburg is entering a new phase in its life

"I’ve made a watershed decision in the life of my company, Ornico. I have moved our headquarters from Sandton to Johannesburg’s City Centre. Several considerations guided my decision, ranging from the practical to the ideological. I have no doubt that one day, in the not too distant future, Johannesburg will feature prominently in global lists as a great place to invest in, to work in, and to live in". Says Oresti Patricios, CEO of the OrnicoGroup 

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  • May. 16 2017
  • Talitha Hlaka

Keep calm and love South Africa

Apologies for the delay in getting this blog written. I had promised myself that my next blog – this one – would be upbeat and positive. And it took me this long to reach this positive outlook. With thanks to my MD and friend, Janice Scheckter, who said, ’the beginning of the end has begun’. And she is right. Even if the end only comes in 2019, the end is in sight.  

  • May. 12 2017
  • Talitha Hlaka

Hey entrepreneur, have you had your crisis of faith … this week?

Beaten down and broken? Come back fighting. Entrepreneur, the gurus are right – plan, prepare for success, do the hard work, take on the problems, including underestimated budgets and the multitude of little and huge failures. It’s never an easy path, but to achieve anything worthwhile, never is.

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